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If you are struggling with a specific issue or simply want some help and guidance in your life journey, give us a call. If one of us cannot meet your needs, we are happy to make referrals to other qualified professionals.  (FAX: 208- 292-4951)

Individual Counseling

Eating Disorders
Sexual Abuse
Sexual Addictions & Compulsions

Couples Counseling

Ashlie and Michael are both available for couples counseling.

Brief Intensive Couples Counseling

Ashlie and Michael offer brief intensive counseling for couples trying to get a jump start on working through significant issues and deep conflicts.  These are weekend or week-long counseling intensives that allow focused time and energy to devote to restoration and relationship development.  Follow-up counseling is recommended following an intensive.  Brief intensive counseling information is available with Ashlie, Michael, or both together.  Please contact us for more information.


Teen Girls

Issues of Sexuality (pornography, gaming, sexual orientation, sexual development), group forming now.

Teen Guys:

Sexual Development (pornography, gaming, sexual orientation, sexual development), group forming now.

Adult Women

Sexual Development (pornography, sexual orientation, addiction). Group forming now.
> Spouses/partners in relationship with sex addicts, group forming now. Current groups meet on Monday evening and Thursday morning.

Adult Men

Issues of sexuality (pornography, sexual orientation, sexual development).  Current groups meet on Tuesday afternoon and evening.  New group forming.


We are available to churches, schools, community groups/agencies, hospitals, etc., upon request to host workshops. Examples include:

Post-Partum depression
How to Talk to Your Kids About Sexuality
Marriage Enrichment
> Sexual Addiction