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Borrowing Brains

By February 16, 2016March 29th, 2021No Comments

Adolescent brain


I recently had an experience of watching a teenage borrow a brain. That is, he was in relationship with a parent and trying to figure out something difficult. It was fascinating to watch and be involved in the cooperation that was required between a 15 year old and his mom. The situation was complex involving love, relationships, fear, desire. In the end, he went forward, still with some fear, but also with confidence that he could enter into an unknown relational place and still be safe. In recovery, it is important to be around safe people, in safe environments, to safely be able to “borrow a brain” from one or more people you can relate to. When you have those safe places, then you too can enter complex situations involving love, relationships, fear, and desire and be courageous.