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We are in the process of selling a house and very thankful. As we have journeyed in this uncertainty over the last year we have felt stressed and unsure. Recently, as I explained part of the process to one of my sons, he looked at my with eyes wide open and said, “Can I hope now?” Those words have stayed with me this past week in wonderment at the depth of the question he asked me. The question brought up in me that he was asking for permission to hope. I was finally feeling the permission in myself to hope, and he was just a little behind me in perhaps sensing the need to ask for permission.

If you are facing a relationship difficulty, you may come to a place where you ask the same question, and are looking for permission to hope. Do you have a desire, or a reasonable confidence that you will arrive at a different place in your situation? What prevents you from moving towards your desire with anticipation? Do you have hope, or are you in a relationship that someone else can hold hope for you if you are unable? The potential of hope lies within you, but perhaps you are asking the question…Can I hope now? As I responded to my son that day it was with a deep connection and belief telling his hungry heart, “Yes, you can hope now!”