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Choices in Recovery

By May 21, 2014No Comments

My kids and my wife are taking Taekwondo.? I am not.? I wish I were because they are learning a lot.? Recently one of my sons told my wife, ” I just can’t do it, it is too hard!”? She lovingly reassured him that he can’t say that until he tries.? My son is discovering that he has limitations, but he will not really discover what he can do if he doesn’t try.

In recovery from addictions, we have choices to make… give up, give in, or give it your all.? In determining the choice you are going to make, it is easy to let the addiction continue to speak loudly because your are not familiar with hearing the other voice.? Letting your addiction speak loudly means that you are not listening to any other voice.? Another voice is speaking….listen for it!