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Disclosure…Telling the truth

By October 12, 2014No Comments

Telling the truth is life changing and amazingly scary.? Vulnerability is unavoidable when the truth is made known.? I remember talking to one of my children some time ago after they had lied and covered up something.? Shame was present even though I was very patient and was waiting for an honest connection to happen.? It took the mediation of writing to each other before the shame was reduced and we could really begin to share the pain of telling the truth.

In sex and love addiction, moving from lies to truth is freeing at first for the addict.? At the same time, it is betrayal for the partner.? Telling the truth may at first seem easy for the addict, but the reality is that full disclosure is only possible by the addict as they enter into recovery and discover empathy for their partner.? Truth is life changing…and amazingly scary.