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After listening to my children slam the door and mock each other in the process, I stopped the madness.? I yelled down the stairs to stop.? They did…thankfully.? In the same space and time, I was attempting to help another child with their homework and getting frustrated with the process, until I saw the tears in their eyes as my frustration grew to the point of being short with them.? At that moment where big, wet tears were dropping on the counter next to me, that I saw a different response to the chaos…I felt empathic…I was empathetic.? In addiction, there is a great need to be empathetic, to see the world that your addiction has impacted, yours and others who are close to you.? When you can begin to see your impact, you can begin the process of turning away from your addiction and turning towards another.? When that begins to happen, you can start to believe that you are are getting better.? What keeps you from being empathetic?? Your shame?? Your continued acting out?? If you want to get better, reach out for help.