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Healthy Sexual Focus

By April 20, 2015No Comments

The other day I talked with one of my kids.? It was a random, but not so random conversation that involved my wife and myself.? In the dialogue, we were brought into the world of a child along with the sexual words that are used in the peer culture.? I heard words that I was unsure of the meaning, and I confessed that to my child.? It was a sweet, honest time as well as sad as I listened to the negative sexual language that is present in their world.

We talk about healthy relationships and sexuality in our home, and with our kids in appropriate language…but many sex? and love addicts have not been around healthy, positive sexuality as children or as they matured.? Instead, in an addict’s mind, Sex = Love.? In healthy, positive sexual focus, there are twelve distinct expressions of sexuality and intimacy.? When you know what to say “No” to in the unhealthy sexuality that has been experienced for years, there is an unsure, but amazing world of intimacy available for the recovering sex and love addict to say “Yes” to. If you are not experiencing that, look for someone to journey with you.