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Hiding is usually solitary.

Hide and go seek was a favorite childhood game that I played, and my kids still love to engage in counting with their eyes closed and yelling when they reach 50, “Ready or not, here I come!” It is followed by an exciting time of seeking, and being found.? Being the last to be found is the coveted role, though it is also a lonely place, hearing other voices laughing, being together.? The last person who has not been found, wants to be discovered.

In a similar way, hiding in relationships increases distance and opens opportunities to disconnect.? Hiding is connected? to the shame that contributes to the experience of loneliness.? Where can you be safe to be seen?? Who will pursue you and find you?? If you are ready to be pursued, you will take a risk.? Risk is part of the process of seeking, or finding.? If you need a safe relationship…don’t give up until you find it, so you can stop hiding and be found!