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Individuals in Marriage

By February 3, 2013No Comments

In marriage therapy…. I believe in the marriage as therapy.? In other words, marriage is an amazing environment to give and receive gifts to one another that may heal, empower, or redeem.? That is the power and blessing of marriage when it is going well.

Frequently rings are exchanged in a marriage ceremony, it is a tradition in our culture.? Though rings are meant to join people in marriage providing a recognizable and enduring symbol of unending love, they can also symbolize the unique individuality of the other through the different styles chosen, and simply by the fact that they are worn on two people’s fingers.? Frequently two broken people need help to navigate the messiness of their marriage.? It is never the fault of only one person.? It is always about two divergent personalities, seeking a convergent connection.? Therein lies the work that we engage two people when they come to us… individuality and marriage.? Somewhere in the midst of the messiness, we can find a place for healing, empowerment, and redemption…it is an amazing gift!