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Needing or wanting?

By December 15, 2012No Comments

We are doing Christmas these days, probably at your home too.? With gift buying still on our ?To-Do List?, I have been thinking about needs versus wants.? I think I know what our children want, and sometimes I am pretty good identifying what they need (and true to who I am, our kids don?t need cookies every day!)?? They don?t apologize for these needs and others, but Ashlie and I can tell when they don?t get what they need.

?I am usually not glad to need.? Needing requires honesty in my relationships, communicating that need, with the potential to be disappointed. ?Real honesty is vulnerable.? Disappointment is real.? As long as the truth is framed by denying a need, I am still in control and alone.? It is certainly true that I was never to ?go it alone?.? I was designed for needing more.? Are you glad to need, or do you settle for wanting?