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Respond or React

By December 2, 2013No Comments

There is such an amazing relational difference between the two!? When I got home today, I was met with what felt like 100 questions from my children in no less than 3 minutes!? I felt the struggle happening within myself as I attempted to balance my desire for relationship in opposition to my inner voice reacting, “If I just control the situation, I can restore my own sense of self”.? This time, I responded to my children… mostly.? What makes the difference in responding or reacting?? I believe there are a number of factors that contribute to the difference in relationships with my children, my spouse or friends.? Awareness or mindfulness of what is happening within myself is the biggest factor.? When I have that mindfulness, I have choices.? When I don’t have that mindfulness, my choice becomes reacting, usually with a significant impact on the relationship.? Are you responding or reacting?? Do you need help in experiencing the difference?? Who can help you become more mindful of yourself?