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This week I was traveling back to my home by air.? I encountered not one, but two broken airplanes and needed to find a way home.? In the space of several minutes, I was presented with the choice to take another flight, and probably not make a connecting flight, or stay where I was until the next day.? In trying to make a decision I waffled back and forth… finally telling the ticket agent that I would take the flight and hope to make the connecting flight.? I knew there was risk, and it was a difficult choice.? I did not know if it would be the best decision, but I knew it would get me closer to my destination of home.

In recovery from addictions, risk is inherent.? You have not been in a safe place in your addictive thoughts and behaviors and now you are beginning to feel the impact of your addiction.? To stay in recovery means that you will take risks and be uncomfortable.? Keep your sights not only on the risk, but on the positive results of risking the journey to healthier relationships, with yourself and others.? In that way, you are closer to safety… and home.