We offer comprehensive treatment for adult individuals with a history of trauma, depression, anxiety, and grief, utilizing effective resources and helping people to tap into their own capacity for inner healing.

Ashlie and Michael work primarily with adults who struggle with:

  • depression
  • shame/guilt
  • trauma
  • anxiety
  • grief
  • spiritual abuse

About Our Process

Guidance and support is provided through individual therapy sessions designed to work toward healing. This is accomplished through uncovering the root of damaging behaviors, identifying and processing difficult emotions, and working in between sessions on structured reading and/or integration activities. We utilize EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to aid in the adaptive processing of unresolved pain or trauma from the past. Find out more about EMDR through www.emdria.org

We also offer Ketamine Assisted Therapy as a potential intervention for trauma and depression. Inquire about our ketamine practice if you are interested. Read more about Ketamine Assisted Therapy at https://www.askp.org/patients/

Telehealth Sessions

For Idaho and Washington residents, we offer the option of doing counseling sessions through telephone or secure video.