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I recently returned from a relaxing time with my family.? While we were away, I experienced waves surrounding me on all sides.? It wasn’t a frightening experience because I was safe, my family was with me, and I trusted my position of safety.? If I wasn’t in a safe place, seeing waves and being in the midst of them could have been overwhelming. Thankfully, on this trip, these waves were inviting, comforting, and fun. ? If you experience waves that begin to grow in your everyday existence, unsafe relationships or a feeling of disconnection, your safety can feel tenuous, even threatened and unsure.? If you don’t have significant relationships to support you during your voyage, the waves can seem bigger than they really are.? If your position of safety is really not safe, the waves can threaten to overtake you.? Seek help if you feel unsafe.? Call someone, reach out, go somewhere.? Call a pastor, a counselor, a crisis line.? There is safety within reach, don’t give up.