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What is Real? Recognizing Self-Delusion

By January 18, 2013No Comments

When I look at this, I am not sure if this elephant is dancing, or if my eyes just can’t stop in one place long enough to see what the picture really looks like.? I am not sure what is real.? Sometimes it is very difficult to see what is really going on in a relationship, or even within yourself.? Sometimes addictions cripple abilities to see or know what is real.? Denial is strong, distortion is real.? One way to check reality is to share with others and find out their perception of a situation.? However, you might not have the skills to share, be vulnerable, or risk anything about yourself.? Self delusion is hard to break.? Abuse or neglect can further deepen and distort reality.? There are two challenges.? First you much be honest with yourself, then you need to be honest with those who can help you.? “Mental health is a commitment to reality at all costs.”? M. Scott Peck